This inspirational book will motivate you to succeed by going further than you ever imagined. I have included different steps to assist you on your journey to success. People often tell you what you need to do in your life to be successful, but I will inform you how to become successful. I used my NFL career and entrepreneurship opportunities as a reference to illustrate how goals can be reached.

As you read you will find the logical thought process needed for your journey. The unique aspect about this book is that it teaches you to achieve anything you want by using what GOD has blessed you with. Upon finishing this book you will understand the type of ambition it takes to PROSPER and how to enjoy your success. Overall, success is around the corner and it is waiting on you.

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From Humble Beginnings

Originally from Tallahassee, Florida, Elton Patterson is the youngest of ten children. He played football for the Rickards Raiders, formerly known as Redskins, where he was among the best in the city and graduated as a student-athlete scholar. Elton was blessed enough to be awarded a scholarship to the University of Central Florida where he played as a Defensive End for 4 years and graduated in 3 1/2 years with a degree in Health Service Administration.

Shortly after, Elton was drafted to the NFL by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2003 NFL Draft. He continued his career with the Jacksonville Jaguars and enjoyed 4 great years. He took a chance at entreprenuership by investing in a Sprint store franchise and earned his Real Estate's license.

Elton specializes in securing homes predominately for professional athletes and has established business relationships not only on the field but in the office as well. Most of his clients are based in the Miami area where he handles million-dollar homes. In 2011, Elton began operating his own real estate firm called 1st Line Realty. Now he continues to secure a strong clientele serving them as a Broker-Agent at Advanced Realty. As a Real Estate broker, Elton has negotiated over fifteen million dollars of estate primarily for the likes of professional athletes and celebrities.

Aside from real estate, Elton has also founded Blue Sol yoga, which provides a variety of yoga styles for all levels in a relaxing environment to meet your yoga needs. Blue Sol is located in Weston, Florida which is growing at an alarming rate. He has recently graduated with a Masters Degree in Sports Leadership from his alma mater with the idea of mastering the business side in sports.


“His business skills off the field are just as impressive and has managed to become a successful entrepreneur and great mentor to others.”

Asante Samuel

2-Time Super Bowl Champion

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Great book! After reading this book it inspired me to follow my dreams. It helped me with the process I needed to take in order to meet my goals.


Motivation at its Pinnacle! This piece of work was carefully written and has motivated me to continue at my goals. I highly recommend this book. I had the chance of meeting the author, friendly guy!


What a great read! This book lit a fire inside me that pushed me to challange myself in my career. 10/10!


The tools and insights Elton shares in his book have been instrumental in elevating my leadership and results. It's required reading for any leader looking to play to his or her strengths and inspire other to win if you want to make your mark as a Leader, engage in thoughtful words and act on them.


This must-read book highlights the importance of ambition in bridging your personal goals with a baseline to achieve them. This is the key to making things happen and getting results. Elton designed this book to be a universal read for all age groups.


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